• Works on mobile devices. iPad, iPhone, Android.
    • Admin of pool can see full audit log of picks made by users.
    • Easy to register and invite players.
    • Entries may be made for weeks in advance.
    • Exclusive pool option allows late or absent players to match the score of your leagues last place player each week. Allowing them to still have a competitive shot.
    • Public Pools are set so late joining players will match the last place player for each missed week. Never too late to join.
    • Picks are automatically locked based on the game schedule and options you choose for your league.
    • Players can choose to hide/show their picks as a whole or game by game. All picks will be viewable as the games become locked.
    • Players may pick and make changes to their entries up until games are locked.
    • Results are automatically updated as soon as game results are in.
    • Create a Tagline to go along with your picks, viewable on the results screen.
    • Returning members have their career stats to view and compare season after season.
    • Includes weekly and team schedules, division and conference standings and several statistical displays.
    • As the site admin, you can manage players, update scores, and send detailed, convenient weekly group emails.
    • Public Pools available for individual players.

Customize Your Pool

    • Set when a game is considered “locked”.
    • Choose how absent or late joining players are scored.
    • Decide how often email reminders go out.
    • You determine when everyone can see the hidden picks.
    • Set your pool for straight picks, spread or the confidence option.
    • Change your display options for the picks page.

Straight Picks Rules

    • The concept of our NFL Piggly Picks site is simple: pick the winners of each game, each week.
    • To enter picks simply select the team you choose to win in each game and submit your picks!
    • The player who accurately predicts the most correct winners each week gets a win. If two or more players share the winning score for a week, the win is awarded to all winning players.
    • At the end of the football season the person who has the most weekly wins, is the winner. The final tie breaker is determined by who has the better overall pick ratio (correct picks / total picks).
    • Entries must be completed on time. Once a game is locked, you may not change your pick for that game.
    • If you did not make a pick for a particular game or week your score will be based on your pool settings.
    • If you submit a partial entry and either forget or are unable to complete it, your scores will be based on your pool settings.

Confidence Rules

    • The NFL has up to 16 games each week, you value your picks highest (value of 16) through lowest (value of 1) receiving points for each win corresponding to your rating.
    • Your 16 point team is the team you are most sure will win. If they win you receive 16 points.
    • Your 1 point team earns you 1 point for a win. If a game ends in a tie, you get half the confidence rank (rounded down to the nearest integer).
    • Standings in a confidence pool are determined by total points.
    • In weeks where there are only 14 games, the values go from 16 to 3.

Point Spread Rules

    • Point spreads are always shown relative to the home team.
    • A negative number means the home team is favored and a positive number means the road team is favored.
    • Add the point spread to the home team’s final score to see who covered the spread.
    • Piggly Picks uses the points from Vegas Insider.
    • We set the spread to end with 1/2 point to avoid ties.
    • Piggly Picks will set the lines on Tuesday mornings. Odds will be further updated depending on your pool settings.


If you have trouble accessing the site, logging in or completing your entry, please contact your League Administrator for help. If you are unable to make your picks before they are locked out, the League Administrator may enter your picks at their discretion.

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