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About Piggly Picks

It’s the Easy way to run your own weekly football picks pool for family, friends and co-workers!
You can play every week of the NFL season, including the Playoffs and Super Bowl.
Our Piggly Picks site makes it easy to manage all your football picks without the time consuming paper pool sheets or elaborate spreadsheets you use now. Piggly Picks totals weekly winners and keeps track of all the games. Players just sign in and enter their picks, it’s that easy to enjoy a nice friendly competition throughout the football season. Pool settings allow for members to join late and still be competitive. You can use Piggly Picks anywhere, fully usable on mobile devices.

Returning members have their career stats to view and compare season after season. We save your pool data so you can look back at your picks and win ratios for your career with the Piggly Picks site.

Robust and Reliable Service

We’ve invested time and effort to create a fun, easy and reliable service. PigglyPicks.site isn’t just our hobby, it’s our business. We’ll be here, supporting our services, making sure things are running smoothly and accurately. You can count on us to provide accurate spread information along with accurate and timely score updates. We are committed to ensuring your picks will be easy to manage and are correct and available for viewing and tracking year after year. Piggly Picks is a quality service that is very user friendly. You don’t need to be a technical person to use our site. We offer several options to help customize your pool and your picks page. We take your personal information seriously, and will never sell, trade, or release this information, that’s not what we do. Your information is secure. We value your time as much as we value our own.

Easy To Play

A pool manager sets up their league and invites players to join. Players sign in and make their picks. The winners of each game, each week are automatically totalled and complete stats are provided.

Easy To Administer

As the League Administrator, you get to set some custom options to help you run an accurate, fun, and organized Piggly Picks pool. We provide you with easy to use tools:

  • Settings to customize the way your group plays; decide when games are locked, how absent players are scored, if you will be using confidence or odds.
  • Automatic score retrieval and auto-calculating statistics to save you loads of time.
  • Convenient and detailed emails to invite members, remind players about picks, and weekly group standings.
  • Twitter based communication for updates.

How Do I Get Started?

Select the subscription option that best matches your needs by clicking Package Options and your group league will be setup automatically. Once your league site is up, you can send out the link to your participants and users can sign themselves up or you can add them manually as the League Admin.

The game pretty much runs itself.

To see package details and make your selection, click Package Details.

For more information, see our full list of Features.

The Season Has Already Begun, Can I Still Run/Join a Pool?

Yes, PigglyPicks has feature settings that provide for late comers and absent players. Absent or late players can be assigned pick scores determined by one of six settings, (1) zero points, (2) match all home teams, (3) match all visitor teams, (4) match all underdogs teams based on the spreads, (5) match all favorites based on the spreads, or (6) match the last place player of each week that has complete picks.

The Match Last Player setting is exclusive to PigglyPicks and this option allows late joining players to match your leagues last place members score, giving them a chance to still be competitive. Our Public Pools are currently set to match the picks of the lowest scoring player each week. Join now and you still have a chance of coming out on top of the pile. The final winner is determined by who has the most wins, and the final tie-breaker is whoever has the best overall pick ratio.

Just remember, this site is for fun. We do not promote or condone any form of gambling.

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